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. so, as some of you may know, i’ve been studying the Alexander technique.  in fact i literally took a lesson and my hands got jealous of the teacher (this has never happened to me before) and i was all “what is that?  where do i learn that???” and she said “Alexander Technique” and i… Continue Reading

some press and an article i wrote…

hey all I wrote an article called “Ode to the Pelvic Floor” that is being featured on Pilates Union and they have also featured me as their Instructor of the Month! All that and I was also featured in a Today’s Parent article and until I can make a media section for my site, here are… Continue Reading

chronic tension headaches?

one of my clients (a registered massage therapist named Marianne) wrote an article about her chronic headaches and the various methods she’s employed to combat them.  here’s the first paragraph… the rest is linked below.   My Epic Battle with Chronic Tension Headaches Headaches are very common, especially among women. For the past three years,… Continue Reading

Marie-Jose Blom RETURNS to Toronto!!

***ONLY TWO SPOTS LEFT FOR BODY LOGIC!!!*** ***WAITING LIST FOR FOOT!!!!*** Ugly Duckling Pilates is delighted to present Marie-José Blom for two workshops over three days (friday may 4th to sunday may 6th) in lovely downtown Toronto, Canada.  [scroll down for workshop description and printable pdf poster] Marie-José Blom has been combining Pilates technique and dance medicine… Continue Reading


getting out of your life really reminds you how much you love it. in fact i love my work so much that i have a very hard time taking time off, and yet, after a week in florida drinking beer and walking the beach?  i am fully recharged and rejuvenated… get away from your life,… Continue Reading


wow i could go a lot of places with a title like that! . a long time ago; approximately forty two seconds after i started teaching, i took a workshop with an elder by the name of ron fletcher.  mr. fletcher is ninety years old now so he would have been something 82 at the… Continue Reading


the last couple of tuesday evenings i’ve taught some “old school” mat classes.  this doesn’t mean i think they’re old fashioned, it’s just that i haven’t taught a class this way in quite some time.   well except for that one i taught in a mall for something like two hundred participants and a women’s shelter.… Continue Reading

things i know to be true

i wrote this in february of 2006 and a friend of mine said that people should print it out and put it on their fridge… so here it is again with a few bits removed or edited for context: . .rainbows are always worth staring at .lying is never okay (will consider amnesty for customs… Continue Reading


okay, y’all are asking about my accident. i was waiting until i scanned in some photos from just before i started pilates so you guys could see the difference but i can do that some other time. three people have asked me in the last maybe ten days which implies that it’s time. Continue Reading