things i know to be true

i wrote this in february of 2006 and a friend of mine said that people should print it out and put it on their fridge… so here it is again with a few bits removed or edited for context:


.rainbows are always worth staring at

.lying is never okay (will consider amnesty for customs and bad haircuts)

.harriet makes the stinkiest poo ever (sometimes mouse does too)

.cat purrings are good for the soul

.summer rain is mother nature bathing us with love

.always be who you want to see in the mirror

.mascara works for every woman

.rainy day people are the best kinds of friends

.everyone needs at least one friend who will always tell them the truth. especially when it hurts

.trust can be given but never taken

.ladies if you smell like fish you have an infection and not something to make fun of

.chocolate really is a dietary staple

.so is ice cream

.laughter truly is the best medicine

.living well is the best revenge

.if it smells bad don’t fuck it (or suck it)

.never commit an act that will tarnish the eyes you meet in the mirror

.open yourself to the whims of the universe and it will send you what you need (note i didn’t say want)

.climbing is addictive

.okay exercise is addictive (so is sloth… choose as you will)

.every home needs plants

.breath is the key to all. do it right now. come on inhale long and slow and then slowly sigh out an exhale

.inspiration is worth anything, even when the source is questionable

.the act of living is an act of change (kaji – evangelion)

.no matter how many times i get burned i will continue to approach people with openness, sincerity and trust

.i’ve made a lot of mistakes and i’ll make a lot more. so will you

.some things really are worth dying for

.more things are worth living for

.beer and video games is good

.the same number of good and bad things happen every day. your attitude and your life are formed by which you choose to notice. choose wisely

.never imply yes when you mean no. no never

.no one but you can remove your dignity

.i am a shapeshifter

.i freed my sacroiliac joint today (five years ago, but recently i’ve really been finding my deeper abdominals instead of just thinking i have)

.fresh banana bread makes mouthgasms

.don’t drink the purple koolaid

.watching grown men cry really sucks

.xavier rudd still rocks

.my back has ribs on it again

.i hit my pre car accident weight last tuesday

.that made me really really happy

.drumming opens your heart

.i don’t have to be up at 7:15am tomorrow

.this list will never end

.everyone has a lesson to teach you whether you want it or not

.some people really are assholes but that’s no reason to assume that everyone is

.life mirrors rivers – change and diversity encourage growth, stagnation suffocates and kills

.indian buffet is awesome

.hcg really does leave the best voicemails

.i bless the day mouse walked into my life

.my feet hate my ‘new’ climbing shoes. they’ll get used to it

.these days that would read ‘my feet hate my new platform shoes, they’ll get used to it)

.i sent a problem i’ve been working on since AUGUST (finally figured out the weight transfer)

.i have some amazing friends

.i need to learn to surf

.books make excellent friends

.pilates is like crack for your body

.i miss my family (hi mom, hi dad, hi sis)[and bro in law and niece and …]

.your betrayal of my trust doesn’t make me a lesser person or wrong for trusting

.i love survivor

.catching snowflakes with your tongue is awesome

.dancing with a snowfall is even more awesome

.the goddess kicked our asses today

.weakness and kindness are not the same thing

.i am in desperate need of some sex

.vengeance is never healthy

.i think this part of my evening, the part where i watch tv and blog? this is by far the best part of my day (although class this morning kicked ass)

.time alone is good for the soul

.it’s time for bed

.that last one is still true


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