Ongoing three year Alexander Technique Teacher training program.

This is on hold during my third year of training while my concussion heals, I currently can’t handle more than a two hour class in the Technique without a headache and thus cannot continue with intensive training at this time.  I continue to learn and grow in the work but no longer anticipate certifying until travel is less debilitating.  Fortunately the work has and continues to infuse my teaching and this is the kind of work that grows best when given space so in the long run it is likely to prove a blessing.


Karen Carlson

Small Apparatus (toe corrector, discs, wobble boards, therabands, etc)

Arcs, Barrels and Balls

The Chair (wunda chair, combo chair, arm chair)


Foundations and Fundamentals

Observational Privates (watching her teach a private)

several privates (never enough!)


Marie Jose Blom

Striding Ahead

Core Motivations

Body Logic

Moving From the Inside Out

From the Soul of the Foot to the Core of the Body (twice)

Core Intelligence

Embrace the Curves and Unravel the Mystery of Scoliosis

The Essential Role of the Shoulder Girdle and Thorax in Taking the Weight From the Shoulders


Kathryn Armour

Finding Your Natural Voice (Alexander)


Kathy Grant*

Finding your VIP room (between navel and sternum – ish) (in which an 87 year old woman kicked 200 pilates instructors’ asses)


Ron Fletcher*

The Ron Fletcher* Work – Workshop consisting of towel, standing and machine work taught by Ron Fletcher and several of his senior teachers.


Lolita San Miguel*

Reformer Exercises and Sequencing


Mary Bowen*

Pilates and Psyche


Benjamin Degenhardt

360 Classical Mat Intensive


Sagrario Castilla

Introduction to the Fletcher Floor Work


Alan Herdman

Introducing Pilates to the Un-initiated

Pilates for the Injured Dancer and Athlete (twice!)


Peter Fiasca

Exploring the classical Pilates repertoire


Morten Dithmer (Franklin)

Imagery for a Healthy, Flexible and Aligned Spine

Pelvic Power for Core Support


Julian Littleford

Upping the Upper Body


Shari Berkowitz

Advanced Reformer on the Mat


Riki Richter – (Anatomy / Anatomy in Clay)


Shoulder Girdle

Sacroiliac Joint

Lumbar Spine+Disc Issues

Pelvic Floor


the Psoas


Sherri Betz/Sara Meeks

Pilates for Better Bones (osteoporosis)


Jillian Hessel

Pilates for Scoliosis


Dawn Marie Ickes/ Allyson Cabot

Pilates and Fibromyalgia


Irene Dowd

The Lumbar Spine

Turnout tools for dancers

Anula Malberg

Myth-Busting Your Pilates Practice


Michele Larsson

How to See


Cara Hazelton;

Hands on cueing


Chris Robinson;

The Men’s Work


Body Harmonics Pilates/ The PhysicalMind Institute

Concentration 101 – Pilates Teacher Training with chair, reformer and trapeze table

Matwork 101


Canadian Ski Patrol System

ongoing and updated first aid and CPR certification


*denotes an elder – one who had the honour of studying directly with Joseph Pilates