Distance Learning

In an ideal world no-one would injure their backs or get into car accidents and everyone would have a great rehabilitations teacher’s hands and eyes living just around the corner. Unfortunately this isn’t an ideal world and for some the act of driving far enough to get help will undo any good they might do during a traditional session. With that in mind I’ve created a distance learning option for those of you living too far away from good teachers.

Option one:
A three hour consult in person followed by hourly sessions with two way web cams and occasional two hour consults in person. This is ideal for people who can get to Toronto and do so on occasion but can’t come here every time. We will spend an hour on your history followed by an hour of Pilates folloed by an hour of thoughts, exercise notes and so on. When possible I prefer this option because then you will know what my hands feel like and where to put yours when I cue you accordingly.

Option Two:
A two hour consult via the Internet followed by hourly sessions with two way webcams. This will work for you if you live so far away that Toronto isn’t a place you ever come but still need someone to help you get moving again.

In both cases I will put you in touch with a prop supplier (or ship you/hand you a care package myself).