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These are scans of the surveys a few of my “practice clients” filled out during my teacher training.   (The names have been blurred by me and the highlighting was put there by the teaching studio.)  In some ways I don’t think anything is better than these because they demonstrate that the core of my teaching self and philosophy were true even then.  I like the baby teacher these surveys describe and I hope they would like who she is continuing to become.  Incidentally, my favourite thing anyone ever said about one of my mat classes was that “it’s like an oil change for the body.”  Changed entirely the way I thought of my work!

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Yelp (all five star):

Maarit V.

I’ve been coming to Angela weekly for almost 9 months now and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made regarding my health.

She’s taught me so much about my own body and how to use it better, I used to not work out at all, but have been doing private pilates lessons with Angela and group barre classes and it’s been a great combo for me personally. In fact, my barre teachers have asked if I (who for all my life have been the furthest thing from athletic) have a dance background or have noted that I seem very aware of how to move my body. This is all Angela. When I first started here and she asked me to breathe into my back or relax certain muscles, I thought that was an impossible ask but we’ve gotten there.

I try my best to do the homework she gives me since I find it really pays off and she’s constantly tweaking my exercises based on my progress. It really feels like she’s on my side. I feel stronger and leaner and definitely have a better posture.

Please note that there are two (adorable) cats at her place – I’m allergic but the workouts are worth it to take some allergy medicine.


Christina M

I have been a client of Angela’s for years, she was the first person I started to work out with once I decided to make the changes to a healthy lifestyle.  Her continued support and laughs made the transition easy; she was patient and kind with me.

A wonderful teacher with a fine understanding of the human anatomy.


Sherrie L

I started private lessons with Angela recently to help with my chronic pain from multiple surgeries and injuries sustained over the years. I had never taken pilates before, and I was nervous it was an unattainable goal. Angela is extremely knowledgeable with a kind, welcoming personality and immediately alleviated my fears. Her space is quiet, airy, and soothing, with full range of equipment. I felt as if she really listened to me, she is easy to talk to and she is helping me more than I could ever have expected. I highly recommend her services.


Google Maps (all five star):

C Proc

Angela is a life changer! I’ve had chronic neck and upper back pain for years from poor posture that impacted my ulnar nerve and sent pain/tingling radiating down into my hands making it hard for me to type and use a mouse at work. I also had lower back pain, an imbalance in my gait when I walked, and significant pelvic floor problems after child birth. Over the years I have seen everyone you can imagine: chiropodists for orthopedic inserts, nerve specialists, sports doctors, 4+ physios (including a pelvic floor specialist), and an osteopath and NO ONE has made even half of the impact as Angela. She has helped me strengthen the muscles in my pelvic floor and massively improve the issues I was having there, resolving most of my lower back pain and gait problems at the same time. From there she has helped me build back up the strength in my abdominals and back allowing me to actually sit upright again and support the weight of my head effortlessly, instead of with constant tension, aches, and knotted muscles I was used to. She has changed the way I walked, the way I run, the way I pick up my children, all for the better. She is a true marvel. Yes, she is an insanely good pilates teacher who can guide you to perfect form in her gentle, friendly, and super informative style (she has incredible muscular anatomy knowledge), but more than that she is an outstanding healer/restorer of bodies and abused by the modern world (i.e. too much sitting/slouching, lifting). As I said, she has honestly changed my life, check her out and she can change the way you move, sit, lift, and, stand for the better too!



Angela is a natural. She has an almost instinctive approach to Pilates. Her ability to observe her students movements and tailor the exercises for each individual is second to none. She is always improving her knowledge with continuing study and quickly passes that on to her classes. Whether it is a private session or a group class, she has something for everyone.



Angela’s passion for Pilates is very inspired by the healing and balance it brings to people. I’ve found her communication, methods, and instruction are meaningful because of the way she explains what to do. I suspect this is because her discovery of Pilates paralleled the healing of her own body. Angela has helped me to find and re-find my physical balance and work through some very troublesome aspects with regard to my gait and a wandering center of gravity. The human body has amazing adaptability and her help with my re-calibrations has been extremely valuable. I recommend Angela and her studio for absolutely everything to do with Pilates and recovery from injury.


Doggabone ‎

Angela’s instruction is clear, and it really sinks in. Several times a day, as I correct my posture or my breathing, one of her lessons crosses my mind. She has a true knack for understanding how to explain things on my terms, and the benefits have been tremendous after only a few lessons. Injuries that have been lurking under the surface, from a car accident some years ago, are finally being corrected. I walk taller and stand straighter, I have more energy, and I’ve even noticed that I function better “romantically” by applying her lessons to my more intimate activities.



Angela is a great teacher! She has really helped me strengthen my body after a number of serious horseback riding injuries with easy to understand (and do!) take-home exercises. I go to the weekly mat classes after work, and after I leave I always feel calm, grounded and relaxed. She is truly a natural and patient teacher.


Mernahuana ‎

love it. angela is a great hands on instructor. she knows plenty about the body and how it moves. i highly recommend her for people with chronic pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis, back pain as her lessons work awesomely. the space is great. the cats lovely.


Julie C

I’ve been coming to Angela’s studio for almost 3 years now and I’ve always left feeling better than when I arrived. Both physically and emotionally. She’s excellent at understanding body movement and helping you learn what you need to do in order to get stronger/better/ fitter. And her positive and fun energy always puts me in a good mood. Great experience!


Web Submission

Louisa H

Angela is a wonderful experienced plates/movement teacher with a special gift for helping individuals who have barriers to movement of any kind.

She bears witness to where you are at the moment with compassion and her intuitive and technical knowledge of human anatomy. This enables her to develop creative, workable solutions to any obstacle, physical or emotional presented by her students.


Private email I received permission to post (bold and emphasis hers):



Yesterday I was a total mess and the way that you were able to lift me up and bring me to realize who I am, really helped in ways I cannot express.
Thank you again, I promise to start working on my self esteem issues and begin to realize exactly how fabulous I am. You really should look into the life coaching thing, I think you would be great at it.





My orthopod said there was little he could do for me and to be prepared to start walking with a cane. That was 5 years ago, working with Angela Barsotti I am still playing comp volleyball [beach] every week


Alexa (yes this is the same Alexa as google)

I came to Angela after suffering problems with my right knee for a number of years. I was having problems running and riding horses (something I had been doing for almost 20 years and stopped in May 2008), which was starting to feel more like a chore than a fun activity because of my knee. Little did I know that my knee problems were indicative of a larger overall problem, with which Angela has been instrumental in helping me recover from and re-build my body’s strength.

After seeing Angela for only a few private sessions, my knees strated to feel stronger. I have found that some physiotherapists only provide a temporary fix, instead of helping you to discover a long-term solution. Angela has helped me develop a long-term solution so that my problems are less likely to recur. Now when they do creep up, I have the tools to help my body feel better. I have started riding and running again, while keeping my body strong through Angela’s weekly Pilates mat classes.


Mark P

Work was stupid fun today. Three cheers for new work avenues …

One for my hero K S, without who I’d not have been there nor known how to get there, one for my scout D S, without whom I’d not have known of the opportunity, and another for Angela Barsotti, without whom I wouldn’t have the posture to stand/run/work on my feet all day and come home invigorated and without ache.


Linked In Recommendations:


I worked with Angela as my Pilates Instructor for only 3 months before I moved out of Toronto. If only I could take her with me in my pocket!! I am not a person who likes to exercise, and yet I looked forward to my sessions with her every week and actually made the time in my schedule to commit to regular workouts. That is quite a feat for a girl like me!

At the end of several sessions my legs were quivering from working so hard, and yet the entire hour long session felt fun and easy. Angela’s approach to Pilates is deeply intuitive, personally directed and body-centered. She helped me get in touch with my own physique in a satisfying way, and my body has never looked better! I actually carved an inch off my hips and my abdomen actually has muscle lines wow!

Its been 3 weeks since my last session, and Im sad I cant go back to her sunny warm open studio and work with her on the Pilates machines. I highly recommend her to any man or woman looking for an intensely gentle workout. She strengthened what was weak and stretched what was strong. A great instructor all around



I had never taken Pilates before and decided to try some private classes with Angela. Her knowledge of the human body and how to help me achieve maximum benefit from pilates was exceptional. She was able to correct my pelvic imbalance and restore equal leg length within the first 2 visits.

Angela is passionate about her work and it really reflects when she is teaching you.



Angela is a great teacher who knows her subject inside and out and connects with her clients to deliver a well-crafted, personalized class. She is excellent in both a one-on-one and group setting, and is constantly positive and encouraging to her students.



I was referred to Angela by my Neurologist and I was skeptical.

Little did I know just how effective her Pilates training would be. I am now a total convert as my flexibility and Core has never been in this condition. (Flexible and strong)



Angela’s superb level of pilates training & thorough understanding of body mechanics has rendered excellent results both physically & mentally for me during our time together. She has a keen insight to the limits of her clients. Despite working hard, I left sessions feeling rejuvenated rather than exhausted.


Alexa (yes this is the same Alexa as on Google and Facebook)

Angela is a natural teacher. Not only does she inspire me to work hard during class, she also inspires me to work out on my own time. She is also a dedicated teacher. As a competitive horseback rider, I had been experiencing pain during my lessons to the point that riding became a frustrating, rather than fun, endeavour. Angela came with me to the barn one day to watch me ride to get an idea of how I move on my horse and to fully understand the problems that I was experiencing with my body.

After 10 minutes of watching me ride, she was able to pinpoint the exact problems that my riding instructor had been telling me to fix for the last few months. Within minutes, I felt more comfortable on my horse and he was able to relax and fully understand the cues that I was giving him. After more than a year of painful lessons, riding is now pain-free and enjoyable, and I have become a better rider in the process. My riding instructor would agree with that statement as well!


wow, i have wonderful students.