chronic tension headaches?

one of my clients (a registered massage therapist named Marianne) wrote an article about her chronic headaches and the various methods she’s employed to combat them.  here’s the first paragraph… the rest is linked below.


My Epic Battle with Chronic Tension Headaches

Headaches are very common, especially among women. For the past three years, I’ve been battling chronic headaches. Often times during the past few years, my headaches were a daily phenomenon. I started to resort to a daily dose of ibuprofen (popularly known as Advil) which was very helpful for a while; but unfortunately led to side effects. And the ibuprofen never did anything to actually reduce the frequency of my headaches. Nope. The drugs would just perpetuate the headaches which is good for the drug manufacturing companies but was not good for me

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[Marianne (and all the people at Satori) is an excellent massage therapist with some of the smartest hands I’ve ever felt.  She is a pleasure to teach and work with.]

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