getting out of your life really reminds you how much you love it.

in fact i love my work so much that i have a very hard time taking time off, and yet, after a week in florida drinking beer and walking the beach?  i am fully recharged and rejuvenated…

get away from your life, it improves!

and if it doesn’t?  maybe you need to make a change…


it’s such a strange experience to be living your best life.  following your bliss.  trying to honour your truth, sharing the information and the healing, whatever you want to call it.  sometimes, when i have an off day i almost feel guilty.  like how can i be feeling all dejected?  i have the most awesome life!  it’s kind of funny because everyone has things going on in their world that make it less than perfect and no one has a perfect life all the time.

reminds me of the old joke that the only person a wealthy woman can garner sympathy from is a wealthy psychiatrist…

sure, it might be “first world problems” as my friend adam would say but it’s still whatever is harshing your buzz at that moment and you’re allowed to be not happy all the time.  in fact, if you *were* happy all the time… would you know it?

i don’t think so.

that said, a friend of mine truly believes that people in the northeast are moody like their weather and that northerners like the rain because it lets them get all introspective or whatever, he said that in florida (he lived there for a few years) people are basically always in a good mood.    i wonder if it’s true but i find it hard to imagine that the human body has hormonal cycles if we’re meant to be on a perfectly even keel all the time.

generally if i fall into a funk i fall out of it in a better place, with more motivation and a better sense of where i want to go… but that’s ME.

i have another friend who does not believe that we are meant to funk ever.  she would say that we are meant to be cheerful or positive all the time.  obviously mourning is mourning, but that is not the same as depression or ‘funk’ or whatever.

i, personally, don’t know the right answer, who does?  maybe no one, maybe some people are meant to be sunny all the time and some are meant to be miserable all the time but most like to play both sides?  i’m not sure artists would choose to have good cheer at all times, i think they would feel that they might lost their voice or their edge.

for me, i think i’ll keep the occasional funk, even if it does just serve to remind me how much i actually love my life.

or, even better, how lucky i am to be in a life that i love.

or best of all?  that’s i know enough to be grateful

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