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not too much happening.

i was struck amused by something today. someone said that i seemed like a really active and busy person what with all the stuff i was doing and i realised. i am!

for example today, i went and took a class at my favourite studio with my favourite teacher and only one other girl showed up so we worked on some really crazy stuff that ‘she wouldn’t teach to beginners’ like our psoas muscle. it was damm fun let me tell you and I am worked out in a couple of places that really needed it…. Continue Reading

lost minutes

This is one of the first “pilates teacher blog” moments in my old personal blog; to be found here if you’re curious. there is some great stuff there but as i used to say at the jcc “if i said it more than three months ago i probably don’t think it anymore.” opinions grow and change, so do writers, people and the universe… Continue Reading

food glorious food

[i wrote this ages ago and am basically using it as a placeholder while i build this blog :)]

lately i have been spending a lot of time studying food and nutrition and not just how it relates to weight and it’s loss or gain; or maybe i’ve been studying food habits?

it started with the idea, last december, that it was time to get my ass in gear and chuck the last 20 pounds. my goal was to start the summer at my usual end of summer weight (which i did) and then finish the summer ten pounds lighter than that so that my christmas weight would be my former summer weight…. Continue Reading