lost minutes

This is one of the first “pilates teacher blog” moments in my old personal blog; to be found here if you’re curious. there is some great stuff there but as i used to say at the jcc “if i said it more than three months ago i probably don’t think it anymore.” opinions grow and change, so do writers, people and the universe…

November 21, 2004
lost minutes
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For a change I thought of a title and had almost nothing to back it up with. So a few comments on my week in no particular order. Attended the Yoga Show [see link] and Conference although all I did was wander the exhibit hall trolling for places to send my resume. Saw some cool stuff but once I was done torturing my feet on the concrete (not to mention my low back) I didn’t have enough gas in the tank to sit through any demos. Too bad because they looked awesome. Worth the 15 bucks for admission? I got at least one free yoga class and at least one good contact for resume sending so I’m going to say yes.

Taught for the first few times at the JCC which is the job I was crowing about a couple of posts ago. Was nice but a little different. My ladies in Markham are the same ladies every time so I get a chance to get to know them and see what they like. This is just a class full of people that I don’t know and I have to make up a class on the spot that suits them. Somehow this requires more planning. How is this possible? Anyway have to put some thought into introducing Pilates to a beginner in a class full of intermediates. This could be difficult. Got a couple of repeat customers and they told the boss I was awesome. Was good since I didn’t think I did such a great job. Guess I’m harder on myself than they are or else these ladies haven’t had the greatest teachers. Maybe they’re just nice.

Today there was clapping. VERY weird for a chick who is terrified of speaking in public.

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