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Hello and welcome to my little corner of the Internet :)

You’re either here because you read an article about Pokemon Go helping heal my brain and got curious about the person who wrote it OR you’re here because you somehow found me in a search through word of mouth/internet and you need the kind of help that I tend to provide or you just like to wander quiet little Pilates websites ;>

Whatever the reason here are a few things you might want to see:d93d3b23-4db2-4fb1-8355-7e4ca3f092b5

This is the interview I did on Sex Matters tv (now cancelled) about workshops I teach called “sex, breath, and the pelvic floor.”
This is the post (“unlayering”) that most closely (although it’s old now) reflects the way and intention of my teaching practice.
This is the scans of an article in “Today’s Parent” in which I was quoted about the pelvic floor and this is an article I wrote for “Pilates Union” (which website no longer exists sadly) called “Ode to the Pelvic Floor.”  Both kind of old now.
This is my contact form for scheduling and this is my bio

Once again, welcome :)


pilates goals

It’s not too late to get back to your News Years resolution about improving your health. In fact the majority of people have put off their resolutions or never got them started or kind of started but then stopped. Welcome to mid-February. It’s a month so ugly spelling it is difficult and requires a day of love and family to get through. I didn’t bother making resolutions in January. Never do. Because it’s the worst time to seek change. The holidays and their after effects will get in the way.

Our first pilates class of 2011…brutal. The first Monday in January no less! We even joked about how if this had been someone’s beginner pilates class based on a resolution they would have really struggled. Maybe even given up. Our small group, including instructor Angela Barsotti, moaned and groaned through our routines…. Continue Reading