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Still closed to in-person lessons and will not be offering outdoor lessons either by order of the government.

That said, online lessons are easy to setup and surprisingly effective.  At the end of the day the most powerful tools a teacher has are eyes and brain so as long as you can hear me great work can happen.

As well, I have been life coaching for longer than I have been teaching, so if what you actually need is an ear or some brainstorming we can put in our earbuds and go for a walk together or have a video chat as you wish.  In the meantime, here is a tiny little get moving video I made for you.


I made the difficult decision to close the studio to in person lessons and practice personal distancing and isolation this afternoon and will NOT reopen for at least two weeks.  At that point I may consider seeing students who are ALSO isolating or doing physical distancing lessons in parks, but I will make that decision when more information is available.

Should you wish an ONLINE or PHONE session please get in touch. You would be amazed how much can be done without the toys and the hands on. As I am also a life coach if you need a cheerleader while you’re figuring this new world out please ask, again, we can do a LOT on the phone.

Stay safe, please stay home if you can, and take every precaution if you can’t. All my love
-angela, lady mouse and lady harriet…

pilates goals

It’s not too late to get back to your News Years resolution about improving your health. In fact the majority of people have put off their resolutions or never got them started or kind of started but then stopped. Welcome to mid-February. It’s a month so ugly spelling it is difficult and requires a day of love and family to get through. I didn’t bother making resolutions in January. Never do. Because it’s the worst time to seek change. The holidays and their after effects will get in the way.

Our first pilates class of 2011…brutal. The first Monday in January no less! We even joked about how if this had been someone’s beginner pilates class based on a resolution they would have really struggled. Maybe even given up. Our small group, including instructor Angela Barsotti, moaned and groaned through our routines…. Continue Reading