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welcome wagon

Hello and welcome to my little corner of the Internet :)

You’re either here because you read an article about Pokemon Go helping heal my brain and got curious about the person who wrote it OR you’re here because you somehow found me in a search through word of mouth/internet and you need the kind of help that I tend to provide or you just like to wander quiet little Pilates and movement websites ;>

Whatever the reason here are a few things you might want to see:d93d3b23-4db2-4fb1-8355-7e4ca3f092b5

This is the interview I did on Sex Matters tv (now cancelled) about workshops I teach called “sex, breath, and the pelvic floor.”
This is the post (“unlayering”) that most closely (although it’s old now) reflects the way and intention of my teaching practice.
This is the scans of an article in “Today’s Parent” in which I was quoted about the pelvic floor and this is an article I wrote for “Pilates Union” (which website no longer exists sadly) called “Ode to the Pelvic Floor.”  Both kind of old now.
This is my contact form for scheduling and this is my bio

Once again, welcome :)

Marie-Jose Blom RETURNS to Toronto in NOVEMBER!!

[if you’re a student of Pilates rather than a teacher interested in this upcoming workshop please skip to this post: “welcome wagon”] . Ugly Duckling Pilates is delighted to present Marie-José Blom for two workshops suitable for movement teachers, kinesiologists or physiotherapists over three days (Friday November 3rd to Sunday November 5th) in lovely downtown Toronto,… Continue Reading

honey i broke my head

. It’s really really weird getting a head injury. First rule of head injuries: people with head injuries should not be allowed to make self care decisions or even live alone at first.  I did not know this.  In fact I did everything wrong and I’m very very lucky I’m doing as well as I… Continue Reading

Ode To The Pelvic Floor

I wrote this article for a now dead website called “pilates union” and it needs to stay out there. . Ode to the Pelvic Floor ­ – You know how there’s no one more evangelical than those who were saved by the thing they initially resisted? That’s me with both the pelvic floor and Pilates.… Continue Reading

bits and bytes

i’ve recently returned from an International Alexander Congress in Ireland filled with inspiration, new ideas and a concussion. So, if email is a bit slow to come back please bear with me! couple cool things that don’t deserve their own post, like this article where I am mentioned on Pilates Tree and this other one… Continue Reading

Workshop at Oasis!

Hey guys Friday December 5th at 930pm I’m teaching my “sex, breath, and the pelvic floor” workshop at Oasis Aqualounge!  Couples and single women are welcome friday nights, and to see what I’ll be talking about take a look at this! Continue Reading

easy breezy

. so i’ve been going to school to study the teaching of the alexander technique.  it’s been quite a surreal experience actually and really difficult to describe.  i am starting to expect some things about school to be similar to previous experiences but never the same but mostly more and more i just sort of… Continue Reading

faq or something

. some questions i get asked by new clients in no particular order or importance… . What should I wear? Anything you would wear to yoga or the gym.  Keep in mind that you will lie on your back and sides with your knees apart and wear clothing that won’t make you feel embarrassed.  I’m… Continue Reading


. so, as some of you may know, i’ve been studying the Alexander technique.  in fact i literally took a lesson and my hands got jealous of the teacher (this has never happened to me before) and i was all “what is that?  where do i learn that???” and she said “Alexander Technique” and i… Continue Reading