Marie-Jose Blom

Ugly Duckling Pilates is delighted to present Marie Jose Blom for two workshops over three days (friday april 22nd to sunday april 24) in lovely downtown Toronto, Canada.


  • The Essential Role of the Shoulder Girdle and Thorax in Taking the Weight From the Shoulders (sunday – 8 hours)
  • Embrace the Curves and Unravel the Mystery of Scoliosis (fri/sat – 16 hours)

Instructor: Marie Jose Blom
Location: Ugly Duckling Pilates
Downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada
130 Rosedale Valley Road
Workshop Size: 20 Participants
Total Cost: $650 for all three days
250 for one day
450 for two

Full and printable PDF: Maria-Jose Blom Workshops (Right Click and select “Save Link As …”)



The Essential Role of the Shoulder Girdle and Thorax in Taking the Weight Off the Shoulders (8 hours)
This workshop will demystify the biomechanics of the shoulder girdle and its dependency on the stability on the Thorax. A stable and controlled Thorax unifies the connections of the lower Core with the shoulder girdle into the body as a whole.
OBJECTIVE: to introduce the knowledge of sound biomechanics and new cueing vocabulary into the Pilates repertoire with renewed comprehension and skill of shoulder girdle movement.
OUTLINE: Architecture, evolution and joint structure of the shoulder girdle. A closer look at the scapular and glenohumeral movement and the relevance in Pilates repertoire.
1. The Role of the Thorax
– Thoracic mobility and the effect on the shoulder girdle.
– Insight to postural habits and holding patterns affecting mobility and stability including the Janda Principles.
– Directional verbal and tactile cueing for:
a. stability
b. movement with Practical Application into the Pilates repertoire using Mat, Reformer, Trapeze Table and Wunda Chair.
2. Bone rhythms and Force couples
– Making movement easy
Embracing the Curves, and Unravel the Mystery of Scoliosis (16 hours)
This enlightening 2-day workshop revolves around the spine, emphasizing the understanding of the more mysterious lateral curves or scoliosis. This in-depth journey will clarify any doubts or hesitations in the application of Pilates Work benefiting the client with scoliosis. The hands-on approach of this workshop emphasizes simplicity, clarity and safety. The work will also address a protocol suggestion for the Harrington Rod population. The use of repertoire with Pilates equipment will enrich your teaching vocabulary, lift your confidence and optimize your expertise. This is considered an intermediate course.
– Gain confidence in the application of Pilates movement repertoire with Scoliotic clientele
– To gain a better understanding of the strategies of spinal rotations
– To integrate Pilates exercise protocol through the existing repertoire
– To apply and customize Pilates repertoire to meet the Scoliosis client’s needs
– Introducing the specific Scoliosis corrective and directive cueing technique
– Learn new approaches and modifications to improve movement balance and spinal mobility

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